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If you want your muscles to grow you need make sure that your workouts are performed with purpose intensity and focus. Cutting the distractions from friends and phones is necessary if you want to have a focused workout. Intense focus on a task will yield greater results more efficiently. If I'm a racecar driver I don't want to be thinking about errands or the weekend while I'm taking that high speed turn. I need to be in the zone 100%, else I risk crashing into a ball of death. As bodybuilders we aren't risking our lives by getting distracted but just as important, our gains. The easiest way to improve focus in the gym is to separate yourself from all possible distractions. Phones and friends are what I think break focus and kill gains the most. That 1 min break you planned between sets quickly becomes 4 when you're scrolling through Instagram. If you need music, fine put on a dope playlist, pocket the phone and never look at it again. When it comes to friends I'm not saying you have to fly solo at the gym. Finding the right workout buddy or trainer who motivates and amps you up is a great idea for taking your workouts to the next level. I'm talking about those friends who distract you with shit that doesn't matter at the moment. Cut the outside for 45 minutes . Cut out your thoughts of work, the news, your love life , whats going on this weekend. Cut out all the thoughts that aren't about what you're doing for these 45 minutes and you will notice a difference. Try it next time you workout. Go in with nothing but your focus on the task at hand and a desire for excellence. What can you feel in your own body when your mind has nowhere to roam but inward. When your mind starts connecting to your muscles, your muscles will reply with size and strength.

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